Diet Reviews

Reviews of the Most Popular Diets

Bathing suit season is quickly approaching and for many of us, we have to worry about losing weight! Given this delima, losing weight is now the hot topic for those of us. So, diet reviews is high on my list. I have been scouring the Internet and looking around everywhere for all of the information I can find on diets everywhere for the best information on diets and ways to lose weight effectively. This, combined with my own weight loss experiences, which I may add is vast and wide, will make for a thorough list of Diet Reviews below.

Reviews of the Most Popular Diets are below. I will show you the benefits of each diet because not every diet is for everyone but everyone has a diet that is for them! These top diets reviewed are great diets that millions of people everywhere have lost weight from, so don’t worry about trying a diet that has been untested or untried. All of these tested and tried methods are proven to work and are recommended by dieters everywhere! Every diet review I read stressed that you should implement exercise at least 30 minutes a day with every diet you do to rejuvinate yourself and get all of your energy back.

The South Beach diet teaches dieters about good and bad carbohydrates. During Phase 1 of the diet, you are not allowed to eat carbohydrates, consume liquor or beer. You are allowed to eat anything else you want. During Phase 2 of the South Beach diet you start eating some carbohydrates again and you continue this phase as long as you wish to continue losing weight. During Phase 3, you stay on it for weight maintenance purposes.

Dr. Atkins Diet teaches dieters to completely eliminate alcholol, drastically lower carbohydrates and you lose weight very quickly on it. You can eat a very big amount of variety of food while on the Dr. Atkins Diet and you aren’t supposed to feel hungry while on it. The setback to this diet is that since you are consuming so very few carbohydrates and so high protein , your energy level is reduced. So, after a long time on the diet, your energy level can be drastically reduced.

The Green Tea Diet is simple, easy and effective. The weight loss is not super fast but if you ever gain the weight back, it comes back on very slowly. You must drink the tea to lose the weight and it will work. The Green Tea is formulated to implement it’’s own fat burning process in your body as soon as you drink it. If you enjoy the taste of the tea, which many people do, then you can lose a lot of weight with the fat burning Green Tea formula that the diet offers.

Reviews of diets everywhere stress one things. Good foods across the board tend to be lean proteins, low carbohydrates, low fat food and low calorie foods. Fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and fresh juice are healthy options and good alternatives to salty and other bad foods such as chips and cookies.